CDTA revamps Albany bus service

November 14, 2011

Looks to me like CDTA did a good, thoughtful job in revamping its Albany bus service. It listened to South Enders who needed service from the lower Morton Avenue area to the hospital district, and to those in the vicinity of  Buckingham Pond when it changed its original plans for that area. There is additional service from the rail station to downtown and beyond, partially restoring the 24 line service that was cut a few years ago. Service from downtown to the airport has been expanded beyond the previous token level, but is still woefully inadequate.

To say that any changes to the order of the transit universe are bound to displease many is a gross understatement, but I’ve yet to hear any major squawks about what CDTA has done here. Rationing an inadequate resource is never easy, but at first blush it looks like CDTA did the best it could with what it has to work with.