Only on Planet Albany?

July 28, 2014

Here’s a story about cops getting pension credit for privately-paid, off-duty overtime.  My initial reaction was that this was another example of unmitigated greed on the part of New York’s civil servants, particularly those engaged in law enforcement – which it is – but it’s also yet another example of corporate welfare. If the cops working for private businesses should get pension credit for that work – and I am not saying they should -, it should be paid for by those businesses, not the taxpayer.  The mentality that the taxpayer should pick up the tab for this substantial, lifetime benefit for work that does not benefit the general public is astonishing.  That Colonie’s police chief, whose other public comments indicate he is an intelligent and responsible official, should endorse this practice, is equally astonishing.  Yes, cops are “on duty” 24/7, but that’s part of the deal, which in turn provides them with an adequate salary and extraordinarily generous benefits and overtime opportunities.  I’d love to know if cops in any other states have had the nerve to suggest that they get pension credit for their privately-paid moonlighting and, if so, they’ve been able to get away with it.  Regardless of the answer, this is just plain wrong.