CDTA strays from core mission — again

September 24, 2009

Next week, the no. 24 bus that I and many other apartment dwellers on lower Third Ave. Ext. in Rensselaer use will case to exist. Its replacement will in essence offer express service between downtown Albany and the Defreestville park and ride and HVCC.
I knew service cuts were coming, and was expecting less frequency (if that’s possible) and maybe the elimination of the last run or two at night. I was stunned, however, at the elimination of service to people who walk to the bus in favor of those who drive to a park and ride lot. Yes, park and ride patrons deserve to be served, and served well, but not at the expense of those who need transit the most — those who can’t drive or don’t own cars.

I see what CDTA is dong to the route 24 bus as another example of its tendency to stray from its core mission of providing transit services to those who don’t have many other options. The route 24 change is is not as bad as the colossal and costly Rensselaer Rail Station debacle, but it is disturbing nonetheless.