Kay bonus award symptomatic of NYRA problem

I could not have said this better myself. Tom, keep up the fabulous work.

Tom Noonan

Recent news articles revealed the salary paid Tom Durkin, the legendary and (and now-retired) track announcer for the New York Racing Association.  Albany’s Times Union used the occasion to observe  –  correctly  –  that NYRA “needs to remember its obligation to the public when deciding how generous to be with salaries.”

At least we know what Durkin did for his money, and his performance was rated by tens of thousands of fans every time he called a race during a career that included Triple Crown races and the Breeders’ Cup.  Now that NYRA has released documents to me concerning the bonus and salary increase awarded CEO Chris Kay, we still do not know what he accomplished to warrant a quarter-million dollar bonus and a $9,000 pay increase.

When the NYRA Reorganization Board embarked on hiring a new CEO early in 2013, it was leery of fostering a perception that it…

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