ELP Internet

For years, I subscribed to Time Warner’s “lite” internet, the lowest priced offering, which was fast enough for me. Recently, a Times Union story (that appeared to be a press release), followed by a television ad from TW, announced a new “everyday low price” service to replace the “lite” service, at greater speed and lower cost.

I braved TW customer service hell on the phone to try to ascertain if I would automatically be switched to the new sevice or, if not, what I had to do to get it. The first rep I spoke with had not heard of the new ELP service. The second said it was for new customers only. Only on the third try was I able to find someone who, after some cajoling, agreed to switch my service.

The fight was worth it, though it should not have been necessary. ELP is indeed faster and cheaper and, because it is not priced on a promotional basis, I should not have to periodically fight with TW about unwarranted increases. Yipee!


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