Not everyone’s entitled to my opinion

Recently, several businesses I patronize have asked me to complete on-line surveys. Initially flattered that my opinion was being sought, and hopeful that I might influence corporate policy, I dove in, only to abandon my efforts after several minutes of irrelevant, repetitive and often illogical questions. I imagine that companies pay a lot of money to those who design and administer these surveys. I submit that this money is largely being wasted, and would be better spent on bringing in customers and speaking with them directly. Most recently, for example, I was asked by a particular business about customer loyalty programs. After identifying several of which I was not aware, I was then asked several questions that clearly assumed my familiarity with those programs. Further, I was asked a question to the effect of “Every (this type of business) should offer a customer loyalty program.” The possible responses were not “yes” or “no”, but an invitation to select among several companies presumably offering such programs. I have promised myself never to again waste time on customer surveys unless I am being compensated for my time. If I want to express my opinion to a company, I’ll send a letter or an e-mail.


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