NYRA showdown

Here’s an item from the Times-Union about the latest NYRA kerfuffle.  Seems the powers that be are upset about the promotion of someone who may be implicated in the takeout scandal.  Appointing her before the controversy is resolved was a bonehead move, but arguably so was the firing of her predecessor before all the facts were out.  Although the promotion may have set in motion the process for divesting NYRA of its franchise, the more interesting and immediate effect is the sequestration of $3,000,000 per month in VLT proceeds from the Aqueduct racino that had been earmarked for NYRA.  Maybe if purses go down to pre-VLT levels, the horse breakdown problem will take care of itself.  Incidentally, I recently read that a full 1% of VLT gross revenues go to the New York Breeders’ Fund.  I have predicted that the high VLT takeouts will eventually cause the public to grow tired of this form of gambling, and I therefore believe that this 1% would better be returned to VLT patrons than given to the already over-subsidized and under-performing breeders of NY bred horses.

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