Smoking – sacred cows

Regular readers know that I occasionally like to visit casinos to partake in blackjack, video poker and other games of chance.  For me, one of the worst things about visiting these establishments is the smoke. Maybe because they can’t smoke indoors anywhere else, smokers in casinos seem to go at it with a vengeance.  The accommodations for non-smokers in most casinos are wholly inadequate.

Why should those who patronize and work in casinos have to put up with an annoyance and something that has been proven to endanger their health, and that government has seen fit to ban in virtually all other public indoor spaces?

In Atlantic City a few years ago, a casino smoking ban was introduced but soon thereafter rescinded on the ground that it hurt business.  I find this hard to believe and, even if true, an appalling disregard by the government for the health of its citizens.  The same goes for the majority of gambling jurisdictions that haven’t even had the guts to try a smoking ban.

I’ve read that the casinos to be built in Massachusetts under recently-passed legislation all will be required to be smoke free.  If that turns out to be true, it will be a very strong reason for me to consider switching from the places at which I now regularly gamble to those in the Bay State.


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