Charities have a tough time raising money in this economy. Many are becoming more aggressive in terms of the frequency of mail solicitations and in using professional fund-raising firms to conduct telephone solicitations.

I have had some success in cutting down on mailings when I’ve returned a note with a contribution stating: “I am pleased to make the enclosed contribution, but it will be the only one I can make this year. Please do not send additional mailings, as I will not be able to respond to them. Also, please do not send me “gifts,” such as address labels, note pads and the like.” A few charities even have thanked me for asking to be put on a “reduced mailing list” and have kept their solicitations to a minimum.

Thanks to caller ID, you don’t have to answer the phone if you don’t know who’s calling (or if you know it’s someone you don’t want to talk to). You can also try telling the caller you do not respond to phone solicitations, and request that the calls stop.

While I can understand charities competing harder for the limited amounts available, I wish they would be more respectful of the public — especially those who have given in the past — by limiting the number and intrusiveness of their requests for donations.


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