Consumer frustration

I recently bought a Samsung Android tablet, and have found it more useful than I had anticipated. It uses a lot of power to charge the battery, and therefore requires a special charger. The charger that came with it has removable prongs for 110 volt outlets, presumably so other plugs can be used while traveling outside the US. Unfortunately, that also means the plug module can separate from the charger, which happened to me inadvertently while traveling recently, only to be discovered when I returned home. I got in touch with Samsung concerning a replacement for the prong module (which I figured should cost no more than $10), and was chagrined to find out I would have to buy a whole new charger for well over $55, plus shipping. While I understand that it is expensive for manufacturers of consumer products to maintain inventories of parts, and that therefore those parts will be more expensive than one might expect, it’s frustrating to see individual parts inseparably bundled into larger and far more expensive assemblies, as was done here.

Fortunately, yesterday at Radio Shack, I found a connector for $10 (it’s a cord, not just the plug, but that’s okay) that allows me to use the original Samsung charger.

Score one for the good guys!


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