Amtrak/subway update

Yesterday, I took a round trip to NYC on Amtrak. The good news is that both trains I took were on time, and that the new, free on-train wi-fi worked extremely well. The bad news is that the trip cost $97.00 (the trip down on the 6:10 am from Rensselaer was $40.00, which seems to be pretty standard for off-peak; the trip back on the 7:15 pm from Penn was $57.00 – thank you dynamic yield pricing). My other complaint is that the train (as well as the waiting area in Penn Station) were about 90 degrees, which I’ve experienced almost every time I’ve taken a train during heating season.

In New York, I rode the E train from Penn Station to Lexington Ave. and 53rd St. The cars were brand new, with neat electronic signs showing the time, next stop, etc. Gone were the old, crackling, incomprehensible announcements like “Borty decnd tweet, Brt Autorty, toity-toid Penn Stn nxt.” Instead, there were crystal-clear recorded announcements. And the cars seems very clean and graffiti-free. Nice job, New York City Transit Authority.


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