Two thoughts from the road

As I occasionally looked out the window on my bus ride back to Albany from New York City today, two thoughts struck me:

1.  Gasoline is about $.30 less per gallon in New Jersey than in Albany, even though self-service stations are not permitted.  For the driver of a car that gets 20 mpg who puts on 15,000 miles per year, the difference adds up to well over $200.  Another way they get you in New York

2.  The Thruway is packed with signage that seems to serve no useful purpose.  Why does anyone need to know that the Capital Region comprises the territory between exits 23 and 27?  Or that one is entering the Hudson River Valley National Historical Area (or something like that)?  You can’t see anything characteristic of these areas from a car zipping down the Thruway, and, to the extent the signs may prompt someone to try, they could prove a dangerous distraction.  I’d rather Thruway management got rid of the visual clutter.  Maybe the savings could be used to reduce New York’s high gas tax.


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