Fiscal insanity

Calls for public employees in the Empire State to give up negotiated pay raises have engendered hard feelings on both sides. What you don’t hear too much about, however, is the unrepresented management employees, many of whose salaries have been frozen for a long time, and many of whom make considerably less than many of the represented employees they supervise.
While some — including the $50,000 and up clerks and secretaries the State has plenty of — call for freezing the pay of those making over $100,000 per year, the fact is that, while many represented employees are overpaid compared to their private sector counterparts (especially when you include the value of employment-related benefits), many unrepresented managers are underpaid. And if a retirement incentive causes many of them to leave, it will not be easy to replace them, either from within or without. And without the managers, lawyers, doctors and other professionals and administrators, State agencies will be like the proverbial rudderless ship. It’s a bad situation now, with demoralized managers waiting for an incentive to leave; it will be worse when no one qualified wants to step up to the plate and take their place.


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