Airline response

Unlike the conglomerate parent of Hellman’s Mayonnaise, which did not favor me with the courtesy of a reply to my e-mail, the airline that is the subject of the preceding post responded to my letter, in pertinent part, as follows:

The convenience fee of $14.00 per passenger only applies when using our booking services (website or reservations call center). You can avoid this fee by booking in person at any of our airport locations. A segment fee is defined as one take-off and landing. This is a mandatory fee that all airlines charge.

OK, I’ll give them the segment fee, even though saying all airlines charge it doesn’t explain what it’s for or by whom it’s mandated. However, I’ve never seen (and that includes on the web site I used to book the travel, though it may well be buried somewhere in there) a fee for booking over the internet. I believe I did see a mention of an extra charge for booking by phone, which makes the undisclosed (or at least the disclosed with much less prominence) fee for using the web ste surprising.


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